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Info about Manjakani & Mengkudu


Manjakini (also known as Oak Gall) is not a type of fruit or from any part of a tree. It is actually round-shaped abnormal growth found only on a few species of trees in the world. Oak Gall is the result of natural chemical reaction between the tree's bark and secretion from various insects that use parts of the tree to la
y its eggs.
The metamorphosis process that takes place on the hatched insect's eggs produce enzymes that stimulates food supply on the leaves' cells, and a hard round "ball" is formed. It is neither part of the insect nor tree. This "ball" is known as Oak Gall.
Oak Gall is known as a natural astringent that contains antiseptic materials and anti-oxidants. It also contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, iron, vitamin A and B that nourishes the body. Women in Asia have traditionally been using Oak Gall after giving birth to tighten their vagina tissue and strengthen the womb. The Oak Gall extract can tighten the erectile tissue layers of the vagina and at the same time, restore suppleness and rejuvenates the nerves in the vagina, hence increasing sexual pleasures.

Noni / Mengkudu

Morinda citrifolia, commonly known as great morinda, Indian mulberry, Nunaakai (Tamil Nadu, India) , Mengkudu (Malaysia), beach mulberry, Tahitian noni, cheese fruit or noni (from Hawaiian) is a tree in the coffee family, Rubiaceae. Morinda citrifolia is native to Southeast Asia but has been extensively spread throughout the Indian subcontinent, Pacific islands, French Polynesia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and recently the Dominican Republic. Tahiti remains the most prominent growing location.

Noni was explored unsuccessfully by medical researchers for possible use in treating cancer.
In Hawaii, ripe fruits were once applied to draw out pus from an infected boil. Although unsupported by science, the green fruit, leaves and the root/rhizome were traditionally used to treat menstrual cramps, bowel irregularities and urinary tract infections.The bark of the great morinda produces a brownish-purplish dye for batik making; on the Indonesian island of Java, the trees are cultivated for this purpose. In Hawaii, yellowish dye is extracted from its root in order to dye cloth.
There have been recent applications for the use of oil from noni seeds. Noni seed oil is abundant in linoleic acid that may have useful properties when applied topically on skin, e.g., anti-inflammation, acne reduction, moisture retention.

In Surinam and some other countries, the tree serves as a wind-break, as support for vines and as shade for coffee trees.

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